Nothing puts a smile on your face like seeing your freshly baked newborn, wrapped and cozy in the sweetest poses. Their flakey skin, pouty lips, long lashes, and all ten tiny fingers and toes, frozen in time. Images that you will look back on as your baby grows, but of course will ALWAYS be your baby! 

Sessions take place in my studio, located in The Northeast  El Paso, Texas. Families are encouraged to include any sentimental items they may desire in their newborn portraits but rest assured the studio is completely stocked with outfits, head pieces, props, and backdrops. Use the time you're with me to relax, and trust that your tiny human is in the best hands.

If your babe is already earthside, please don't hesitate to reach out, I may have an opening. However, it's recommended that you schedule prior to delivery to ensure availability. Most parents-to-be reach out in the final 4-6 weeks of pregnancy. We book for the estimated due date, and of course re-assess based on when baby actually arrives. 

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