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Goddess in the Garden | South Florida Maternity Photographer | Grace Ashley Images

Some time ago, a photographer friend of mine posted a video clip on Facebook of a location nothing short of pure magic. Quite a few people asked her the location and she mentioned "right near her home" but didn't give the specifics. Now I'm not too sure precisely where she lives but I knew in St. Augustine. On the hunt I went. I googled "St. Augustine Garden" and about one hundred results popped up. I went through each and every one until I finally found it. Boy, I needed a pregnant mama there STAT.

Queue Victoria and Moises. I've known Victoria since childhood, she is the little sister of my older sisters best friend, Karyna. When I found out her and Karyna were expecting at the same time I knew I wanted to do a double photoshoot of them and their bumps ( which we did, it was amazing and there will be a blog to follow 😍 ) in St. Augustine. At first Karyna was down for it but a 6 hour round trip ride started swaying her to stay local. I was a little bummed but completely understood that it absolutely is a bit of a drive. Victoria let me know that she was still interested, so we picked a date and headed north! I got to the garden first, just a bit before the session was due to start and I got the opportunity to scout. I like to have an idea of where I want to shoot before the session starts so I don't waste time flying blind. No video on earth could have done this location justice. At ALL. PERIOD. I was blown away and borderline spazzing out 😂 When Moises and Victoria arrived, we got her right into her first gown ( shout out to Chicaboo per usual ) and started shooting just a few feet from the car, cause this place is damn beautiful the moment you step out of the parking lot.

3 outfit changes and about 2.5 hours in the park and I don't think I've been so giddy to upload and edit photos. Their baby girl will be named Amethyst so I decided to do a color change on her pink dress, making it purple. A HUGE thank you to this couple for trusting my vision and to Victoria for sitting in the car for 3 hours, then doing a 2.5 hour session, and another 3 hours home in all her pregnant glory. A QUEEN she is!

All gowns pictured are available in the client closet 🌸





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