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Mama Mastered It | Lynn University Graduation Session | Grace Ashley Images

One thing I've truly enjoyed about moving back to South Florida is that I've gotten to reconnect with so many of the families I've previously worked with. I was contacted by Josh, Taras husband ( who by the way is the freaking jam when it comes to being on top of family photos. He organized Taras surprise 30's birthday session and I love the initiative he has to capture their memories! ), who wanted to schedule a session in honor of Tara getting her Masters Degree. Unfortunately because of Covid, her graduation, like so many others this year, was canceled and she lost the opportunity to walk across the stage in cap + gown and be awarded her degree. This was the next best way to honor her incredible achievement. Her parents and bonus parents would also be in attendance so updated family portraits were a must.

It's been 4.5 years since our last session and my goodness how big the boys have gotten! I was so excited see everyone. As it turns out, Jaxon graduated VPK this year and also missed out on his turn to walk across the stage so when we arrived, his cap and gown was also in tow and we made sure to get photos of him and his mama together.

I delivered this gallery yesterday and I kid you not, Tara called me within 15 minutes in tears over how much she loved their gallery. I didn't know this at the time of their session but her father had suffered a heart attack not long ago and to be able to get him in family photos meant the world to her. "Its been such a hard year." she expressed. Between everything going on in the world, her fathers health, her missing out on her graduation, Jaxon missing his, on top of the fact that she didn't get to walk her baby to class on his first day of kindergarten, these photos brought her so much happiness. My heart was absolutely full!





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