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The Baca's | Day in the Life Session | San Antonio, Tx

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Early March of this year I took a bit of a Me-Cation/Work-Cation that consisted of a central Texas week. I was able to my friend Alex and her baby boy Tristan ( blog to come ) in Killeen for a bit and then I shot down to San Antonio to spend a couple days with the Baca's!

I am so fortunate to have so many clients that have turned into lifelong friends. My relationship with the Baca's started with Mama Goddess Minis out in the El Paso desert. Audrey wasn't even a year old yet. Audrey and Sami then participated my annual breastfeeding group session, with a family session to include Peter the following Winter. They moved shortly after and I'd missed them dearly! They were a must visit on my trip and I'm so glad I got to spend time with them. I got there later in the evening and the next day we went out on an adventure of a lifetime.

The day started at the kitchen table eating breakfast in the cutest Buc-ees jams, putting in our "dry shampoo" like mom does and a liiiittle nose picking 😂 We played with some toys, Auds walked around with my camera being the photographer, and had a small cry ( cant for the life of me remember what made Auds overcome with emotion; toddler things) til it was time for lunch! Sushi is my favorite and unbeknownst to me, that exactly where they had planned to go! We loaded up the car, put our super cool cat shades on and headed out. Lunch was DE-LISH, shout out to Sushi Zushi! It was pre-decided that we would do posed photos but hadn't determine where. Sami had mentioned Riverwalk but on the drive I had spotted some blue bonnets and we were on the hunt for a little patch to take photos in. On the way, after making SURE she went before we left the restaurant, Audrey needed to use the restroom mid drive on the interstate. No need to fear, training potty in the trunk for the win! Literally pulled up the passenger seat and boom, private restroom. A few minutes later we were back on our way. Sami had found a post on Facebook about a small patch at the mall.

When we pulled up, it was just in front of the high way but I could make do with the right angles. I had never been within arms reach of bluebonnets ever before in my life so I was elated with the little bit we found! Just when we though we were finished Peter wanted to drive around the mall just to check and see if there was anything more and WE HIT THE JACKPOT! It was one of the most magnificent things I've ever seen 😭 On our way home, Auds took a nap that continued on her daddy's chest when we got in the house but when she got up, it was go time. Before Sami and Peter bought their home, the double car garage was turned into a fourth bedroom, aka the most awesome playroom EVER. Coloring and blocks and balls and kitchen toys galore!

The evening came to end with the Bacas cooking an amazing dinner and some lounging on the couch watching Spirit!

It was such an incredible day, I wish it could have gone on forever. I cannot wait to see this family again. Til next time ♥️

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