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The blended Bankos | Palm Beach Family Photographer | Grace Ashley Images

January 2017 was the first and last photo session I did of my sisters family. Lucah was only 6 weeks at the time and things have changed just a pinch since then... Like another baby!

I knew in my travels back east that getting updated family photos for Janette, Nick and the kids were a priority. I asked what she envisioned for their images and she left everything up to me. I more or less told them what date and time to be where and Jen couldn't have been more laid back. She put together outfits and we were ready to go. We originally planned for the beach, but upon arrival, we couldn't find parking if our life depended on it. Every spot was full. Not to worry, this is South Florida, there's another beach access point just up the road. Only, the next lot we get to, is also completely full. Not a single spot open. We decided on a full detour and headed towards a natural area near by. I was getting a little nervous as the light was starting to dim, and by some freaking black magic that is 2020, there was NO PARKING.

Two seconds after questioning if we should just reschedule (which I did NOT want to do. Jen had her hair and make up finished, all 4 kids and husband were dressed and ready to go. There was no way.) Jen suggested we just go to our moms house. She has a beautiful spacious backyard and it's exactly where we shot the first family session. Plus it's only a few miles away from the natural area. Again, we relocated. Working against the rapidly diminishing light, we were in and out in about 15 minutes 👏 I was blown away by how amazing Lucha (4y this coming Wednesday) and Sawyer (3y) powered through everything. Nicholas (13y) wasn't having it but I'm grateful for his participation nonetheless.

Here's to never letting 4 years go between family sessions!






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