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The Moore Family | El Paso Family Photographer | Museum of archeology | Grace Ashley Images

I don't think I have ever seen the mountain so GREEN! All the monsoons and flash flooding have given our desert incredible growth and this session really show cased how plush it can be with a good amount of hydration. Where the hell was all this water when we were waiting on poppy season?!

See these beautiful faces? I've had the absolute honor of being close to this family for almost two years and for the first time, we planned family photos.

Tori would joke with me that Vic ( by the way, their names are Victoria and Victor and I about lost it when I figured that out 😂) hated photos and would even sabotage them by making crazy faces, or doing something wild. So to my surprise when I brought up photos in passing some weeks ago, it would be VIC who would mention to Tori "we should get photos taken". You didn't have to ask me twice, they were booked for my next available evening. With Victors antics in mind, I was completely unsure what to expect from this session, but it turned into a session I would capture with a smile on my face for its entirety. And honestly, even now putting this blog together and looking back on all these images, I'm pretty cheesy 😭

We walked a short distance into the museum, there was so many spot to choose from with all the vegetation I couldn't decide what area was more beautiful. I typically start sessions all together and break down from there. I wasn't too sure that I'd be able to get all four kiddos looking at me at the same time, poor Kaiden was being blinded by the sun. But he powered through it and we were able to get all 4 little though the first set.

I let them run free while I got photos of just T + V. Tori mentioned the best way to get "good photos" is to just let Vic do what feels natural, so I simply told him "love her the way you normally would" and loooooort I was unprepared for the affection he would display.

It was my time with my babies! Kaiden, Dahlia, Acacia and Gaea. Four of the absolute coolest kids I know. Its crazy to think back on how much they've all grown in the 2 years I've known them. I feel like it's easy to miss the changes that happens so gradually, but far too quickly. How the hell did they get so big right before our eyes 😪 Each of them completely different from the next. Kaid being gentle, an empath through and through, a trickster but doesn't realize we are the ones who really know all the tricks. The look on his face when Tori asks him if he thinks she was born yesterday when he tries to sneak just about anything. Dolly being sharp, a spit fire and quick as hell at the tongue. She's gonna dominate what ever she does in life but I'd be lying if I said I didn't hold hope that she'd be the most vicious attorney anyones ever seen. Kiki, kind, delicate, wakes up every morning with the sun shining out of her ass as her mama would say. Expresses every thought, no matter the subject, with her whole entire heart. Gam, observant, beats to her own drum 110% of the time, and will sing the hell out of just about anything she knows at least a single verse to. We once got a full frozen serenade from all 3 girls led by Gam and my heart could have literally exploded from the cute.

As our session concluded Tori had one request of making sure Victor had a photo of him and Kaiden, and she had a photo with the girls. In true Victor fashion, he made sure to go completely left with posing before giving me the hardest album cover of 2021 😂




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