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Triumphant Home Birth | Welcome Esther | El Paso Birth Story

Updated: May 24, 2019

Katie and Todd were welcoming baby #3, their first girl, at home after both a hospital for their first, Levi and a birth center delivery for their second, Ben! We connected through Katies doula, the phenomenal Jaimie Walker with Kealoha Birth Services. Jaimie informed me that both Levi and Bens birth were swift! Bens birth was less than an hour from first contraction to meeting his mama. While that sounds like a breeze, labor that fast and unexpected and be very intense for the woman in labor. We knew we would be on our toes as her due date approached.Katie had a very specific plan for her birth environment, simply quiet. No music, no voices, no touching. She wanted a very zen space, she is intuitive, she had control of her body, she just need the scene set. Jaimie even described herself as less of a comfort doula and more as a birth event coordinator, making sure Katies plans were respected and in order.

Believe me when I tell you you can plan, and plan, and still have a different birth outcome. Jaimie called me in the early morning of April 12th at about 7am giving me the heads up that Katie was in labor. Contractions were steady so I was on my way! Jaimie was already there upon my arrival. Not long after myself, Katies Midwife, Jeanna, walked into the room. The birth pool was being filled as Jeanna started her initial assessments. Katie was in great spirits, and very conversative! She enjoyed water breaks, strawberries and random stories we all told! It was all hands on deck as labor started to pick up and her contractions became more powerful. With slight apprehension, Katie felt like it was time to get into the pool. The thought of labor picking up so quickly after getting in the water was something that worried her, but with her birth team beside her she gathered her strength and made way into the warm pool.

No kidding, just a few contractions in, you could hear the grunts of pushing. Talk about her intuition being on point! They were only her body practice pushing as she quickly returned back into the waves of steady contractions for a just a little while more. Her eldest Levi joined the party. Hearing his mama roar in labor was a bit shocking but Jaimie reassured him how strong Katie was being, everything was going smoothly and he had nothing to fear! He was so attentive. Offering rubs, and water on her back. He even snuck a kiss! Katie again began to roar as her baby girl descended into her vagina. Jeanna was behind her with support as she made us aware " Her head is delivered ". At 1023am Katie sat straight up with her beautiful daughter wrapped in her arms. Joy engulfed the whole room. Her family of 5 was all together embracing their newest addition. Once settled in bed, Katies beautiful placenta was delivered. Jeanna and Levi gave a thorough examination and Jeanna was kind enough to explain the whole anatomy of this incredible organ! Levi was also the lucky cutter of the cord <3

Esther Louise measured in at 7.8lb and 20in long

Capturing this home birth was truly an honor!

Another Thank You to Jeanna Deswert, CPM, her assistant, and Jaimie Walker with Kealoha Birth Services !

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