A Mothers Day Birth Story | El Paso, Tx

May 14, 2017

It was a pretty quiet Mothers Day in the Velez house. Just my husband, the pup and I hanging out on the couch, watching Netflix. At about 4:45pm I get a text from Heidi that her contractions have been getting stronger throughout the day, and we may be meeting Baby D2 sooner than we thought! Though, we didn't expect him to come THAT soon... I told Heidi to text me when she was on her way to the birth center and to text me again when she hit 6cm. Just 2 hours later Corie lets me know that they were at The Retreat and she was already at 7! This baby boy was not wasting any time. I rushed over. Upon arrival, a laboring Heidi was breathing as best she could through her contractions, with the help and support of her husband. Just a few minutes behind me was her doula, Jaimie.


Things progressed quick! Between contractions, Heidi made it to the tub. Her birth team was amazing! Taking everything minute by minute, at 8:27pm Finnegan Michael made his way into the world, lungs roaring!


This birth was so incredibly beautiful. The amount of love between one little family as they become plus one was indescribable. The support that came from Heidi birth team was utterly priceless. Calm voices reminding her to "trust your body", "every contraction is bringing him farther down, you can do this", even encouraging her to take breaks in between contractions to nap so she wouldn't become exhausted. They truly understood and respected her birth plan.


Corie and New Big Brother, Wesson cut baby Finn's cord once it stopped pulsing, ensuring that he got all the amazing benefits of delayed cord clamping.


Not to mention, Wesson, 2 years old, was one of the best doula assistants I've ever seen <3


A special thanks to Annie Kuntz and David, Midwifes at the Retreat Birthing Center in El Paso, Tx, and doula Jaimie Walker of Kealoha Birth Services!


































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