Welcome Home Sgt Gimotea! | Fort Bliss Homecoming | El Paso Airport - El Paso, Tx

March 17, 2018

I met Ala when she, and sweet baby Owen attended the August '17 group breastfeeding session. When she recently mentioned her husband, Lee, would be returning from his deployment in Korea, I knew I wanted to be there with them to capture this moment! Dates had bounced around a few times but finally on March 10th at 1:30am we were on our way to pick hime up!


Ala, Owen and I waited patiently at the El Paso airport along side Owens grandparents and aunt. A Little bit of walking around, a few close calls with very baby accessible outlets, and countless times checking the clock, the time moved just as slowly as we knew it would.


Soon enough, Ala got the text, the plane had landed! She propped Owen up on her shoulders and we waited at the bottom of the escalator. All of the sudden, there he was! With a great big smile his face as he spotted his wife and son, he was home, safe and sound <3


Although the airline didn't have is bags right away, we did make a trip to baggage claim and got a few steps from baby Owen in!


Welcome home Sgt. Lee Gimotea, you're family is elated you're back!


































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