Raelynn Ann | Birth Story | El Paso, Tx

July 6, 2018

We all pretty much expected Erin to go over her due date, I had bets on 41+4, her doula, Jaimie, predicted 41+6. Erin was comfortable making it to 43 weeks as long as babe was healthy, so when she went into immediate labor after a cervix stretch and membrane sweep at 41 weeks even, we were all excited!


Following her appointment, Erin, Alex ( Her Husband), Jaimie and I went to the Clock on Dyer for some breakfast. Little contractions every 5-6 minutes turned into consistent contractions and without even making it through the meal, we were on the way to Erins to start prepping! When I arrived, in her adorable hospital gown, Erin was laboring on the ball with Jaimie and Alex by her side, timing each contraction. They were coming quickly and they were INTENSE. It wasn't long before we were headed to the hospital.


Upon arrival, contractions were back to back. This mama labored EVERYWHERE. Hallways, bathrooms, on toilets, the triage waiting area, in the tub ( which we are keeping private) on the ball, on the bed and beyond! Erin labored long and hard. Although the original plan was to have a completely unmedicated birth, the contractions weren't making much progress on Erins cervix, and she was becoming exhausted. Erin was so strong through it all! Finally after some much needed rest, she was ready to push.


At 2:56am on June 11th, at 20 inches long and weighing 6lb 15.8oz, Raelynn Ann came into the world, lungs-a-blazin'!


It was so amazing to follow this couples amazing journey into parenthood, I'm honored to have be able to capture this moment for them!


A special thank you to the nurses and Midwives at William Beaumont Army Medical Center! Their understanding and support for Erins birth plan was phenomenal.


And of course El Paso's Best Doula: Jaimie with Kealoha Birth Services <3





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