Jade Elizabeth | Birth Story | El Paso, Tx

July 10, 2018

Evelyn was 37 weeks when she went into labor with her first baby , Joel, so we had anticipated that she'd most likely give birth earlier than her due date. We walked on egg shells for weeks waiting for baby Jade to make her appearance. Finally, at 1:15am on her due date, her doula, Jaimie called me to tell me he was in active labor. I knew not to wait a minute too long, I grabbed my bags, loaded the car and was rushing to the house.


Upon arrival at 1:55am, with my camera ready, I was greeted by Jaimie at the door. I could hear Evelyn laboring upstairs, though it didn't seem too intense just yet. Beside her was her second doula, Bernie. Her midwife, Selia, and a student midwife who was also attending her birth were setting up the pool, where she originally had planned to deliver, but boy do plans change. As Jaimie returned to the bed side, Evelyn felt a lot of pressure, and sure enough, she lifted her leg and there was Jade! Calmly, and with the support of her amazing birth team, just 3 minutes later, at 1:58am, Jade had arrived. Yup, you read that right... 3 MINUTES!


This mama was a rock star! 


Her Husband and baby boy, who's now a big brother, joined her to meet the new addition <3


After an hour of skin to skin, Jades cord was cut and her measurements were taken. At 7lb 4oz and 20 inches, she was perfect!


Thank you to Evelyns amazing birth team:

Midwife: Selia Busey

Midwife Student: Efe Osaren

Doula: Jaimie Walker with Kealoha Birth Services

            Bernie Carrillo with Sun City Doulas












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